Sunday, September 12, 2010

9/11 Etc.

I am so sorry that I haven't been posting much lately, but I have to stay focused in school and so far I have. Anyways, that's really all of the personal updates I have for you.

Now, I will hopefully be announcing the winner of the Prep Style competition later today, so keep checking back and I just wanted to commemorate 9/11!


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  2. R.I.P To The 2,977 People.

    And God Bless All The Family's That Lost A Friend Or Sibling And Also To The People That Went Trough The Attack

    i was in new york at the time :-(

  3. f u tyler

    this is really low, even for u

  4. It's so sad that all those innocent people died :( I still have memories from when I heard about the attack on CNN & I was about to leave for kindergarten that day! I literally cried! :'(
    R.I.P & God bless them!

  5. I was in 2nd grade at the time, but it was still very sad. RIP.

    on a happier note I cannot wait to hear who the winners are!

  6. RIP,it's so sad.

    I can't wait you to say who's the winner...:)Good luck all participants(:


  8. Rest in peace,to each and every victim.

    What people don`t realize is that there weren`t 2,977 victims. There were 2,977 + Family + Friends victims. Suicide just completely heightened that number..what an aftershock it was..

    Extremely sad.. D;;