Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dioguardi Group Sucks!

Yes, I said it.

Today it was announced on the Dioguardi Group blog that a new project was being formed. Basically, they called every Stardoll blog that has any relation to fashion: shit.

And I quote:
"I'm going to tell you that Beyond Beauty's goal IS to stand out from the rest!! Because we're talking high fashion here!! Forget everything you've ever read on any other Stardoll fashion blog because this is the real deal and I'm sure that this blog is going to be a rather delicious feast for your fashion eye!!"
I know that if something interests me, I don't forget about it. But what they are trying to say is - forget about any blog that has ever brought fashion into the mix. Not to mention, 'this is the real deal'? What because you can do graphics, Manolo and you have good writers to make up for your lack of grammar education? High Fashion? Because we all care about something we can't afford, right? I could go on and on - but you either agree with me or you don't. This has really hit an all time low for me.

I no longer support Dioguardi Group.

I don't want an apology, my blog does.


  1. ooh it's brewing up in the henhouse. Lovely. 8)

  2. I agree with you but I still gotta admit that Dioguradi's Collections are ah-mazing!

  3. I think you've take it too far.
    What I have to say is that the blog is totally different. Why?

    It's because this blog wants to bring something new to all the girls of Stardoll, Like devates, topics about REAL beauty, Do you actually know what's actually beauty?

    No! It's not make-up. No! It's not about "Best Dressed". And NO! It's not about what you're wearing today.

    The beauty is inside not outside. You should learn that because some of your posts are just not good for your followers, you just don't post about real beauty?

    If you read the title of the blog again, It says "Beyond Beauty", not just about the latest trends, also about our intellect, our opinions about Beauty and how we can help the girls to have another concept of what's the beauty.
    I definitely think you should participate with us and you also could learn a bit of all this, I'm totally sure it will help you :)

  4. Starting. We didn't say that the blog will be better than the other Fashion blogs or than the others are a shit. We just said that Beyond Beauty will be a different Fashion blog, wich will be focused in another concept.

    Read our post again, I think you didn't get it. About your ridiculous post, you don't have to invent anything to "destroy" us. People, If you want to believe it, go and follow him! Although there's something called personality.

  5. @Mimi_Mami

    First, create better posts and then tell me "LOL". :)

  6. You DID call all fashion blogs out because you did write exactly what I published as a quote. What you don't realize, Manolo - is that beauty doesn't work that way in the real world and ESPECIALLY the fashion industry. Everyone knows it's about looks and you know damn well that people are going to 'fall in love' with you softer side of a blog. You wouldn't be doing this if you didn't want something out of it. It's all a competition to you. True beauty, yeah we get it. Nothing original. All your ideas of posts are not even developed I can tell you that, so you shouldn't talk about what something will be until it is that being. I have had numerous people privately tell me their feelings regarding what is written on your group's blog, including your own project goers. Everyone is too afraid to see what Manolo will do, I ALWAYS say something and I don't back down.

    Because let me tell you something:

    A hypocritical idiot.

  7. I have to say I agree with you on the new fashion blog and all.
    They're projects lately haven't impressed me either :/

  8. maybe manolo and his team would do better in "promoting" their projects if they actually read the dictionary more and less on vogue issues. LOL! it's kinda hard not to misinterpret their campaign when they don't have a perfect understanding of the english language.

  9. I feel absolutely no reason to clarify a post I’d written that was blatantly misconstrued and completely taken out of context… but despite how comical this whole thing is to me and because I respect Manolo and DG 100% and I don’t have anything else to do right now, seeing as its 2 am I will :) When I wrote ‘forget about everything you’ve ever read on any other fashion blog’ I was merely following up on my previous sentence and letting the readers know not to bring any preconceived notions about fashion blogs with them when they visit Beyond Beauty because it will be completely DIFFERENT! When I said the real deal? Well I’m a big fan of the theatrics (meaning risky but potentially profitable:P) but when you’re talking fashion I’m sure most people would call Dior ‘the real deal’ over say…Kohls :) meaning that its focus will be on high fashion and last time I checked the Starplaza, Stardoll has Chanel, Christian Louboutin and a whole other assortment of high fashion brands in their shops and do you see most 11-15 year olds wearing any of that when you go to the mall? I think not:D am I at fault now for drawing so much attention to Beyond Beauty? no, I’d say I did my job :)

    Wrapping this whole thing up, once again it was merely promoting a new project and if anyone is owed an apology right now its Manolo for someone trying to make a mockery of him because of his grammar…really?? Try writing your next post in Spanish and see how well you fair :)

  10. Tyler's very ignorant and a spoiled brat, no matter what he does to look like a "nice", "intelectual" & "mature" boy, he just makes everything worse.
    I really had respect for Tyler, but he went too far, I really don't know what we're talking about right now.
    About my grammar or about how much the little baby felt offended?

    Tyler! You also don't have true beauty inside of you because of the way you acted with me, you are a true negligible, And also, I never said that I want "Beyond Beauty" to be a part of that "Fashion Industry" you're talking about, just NO!

    ALSO, I will admit that many people could hate my projects and my group but I also have talked with ALOT of people, that have numerous of bad opinions about you.
    Seriously, stop acting like a Diva, when you aren't.
    And you know what? I'm SO nice and friendly and I will offer you my friendship :)

    And for ALL the people who reads my comment, I know Cas very well, and she didn't want to offend ANYONE's fashion blogs.
    So in the name of Cassandra, I want to apology to anyone who felt offended, not just to Tyler, after how he acted so rude with me for no reason.
    And I do respect fashion blogs, every fashion blog it's different in their own ways, and I love that.

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  12. Im with manolo, tyler is a a total freakshit. He is a materialistic person blehhhhh

  13. @ Manolo:

    Please Manolo, ur telling to Maria to make better posts? YOU?

    @ Chloe:

    Shut the fuck up, ur just a childish bitch.

  14. I totally agree with Tyler and with Lolita too.
    Manolo allways thinks that he and his projects are the best, which is totally not true.
    And Manolo, Maria's posts are great and yours ? You'd better shut up.

  15. Manolo- you seriously are considering yourself as the best, or should I say ''the elite of elites''. But dude, you're so not.

    Maybe you're holding your big head up high, but your damn ass are going down and they're taking you with 'em.

  16. @Eglė Stone

    Who are you?
    I dont even know you and you dont know me. lol

  17. I really like Manolo,so I'm sticking with him. Plus, sometimes I think Tyler has way too big of a mouth. Sometimes you don't always have to have a say in everything. I really think Manolo's intentions were great and if you can't understand that,well that's too bad :(

  18. @Lolita: Why would you say something so mean to Chloe especially when she didn't say anything to you? I don't get why you are replying to manolo comment when he wasn't talking to you and I just checked and you are a follower of his new blog. So what's your deal? Or you against it or for it? You're confusing me...:/

  19. WHOA there Lolita.

    Chloe happens to be my friend. And you cannot curse at everyone that doesn't agree with you.

  20. @ Manolo:

    Egle is ur worst nightmare.

    @Gabby & Lily:

    You don't even know what Chloe has done to me.

  21. Lolita@
    What have I done to you hm? I stand up to myself, and calling me a childish bitch makes me laugh so hard.

    @Lily C; thankyou xx ily

  22. Wow i never new stardoll was that up to date with
    high class elite fashion stuff..

  23. Possibly the most intelligent string of sentences you've put together, Tyler. But I don't think you ever did anything better than that. I frequently see hyped up "Fashionista!"-type propaganda coming from you, which somewhat levels to "Manolo's".

  24. Oh, Manolo! I really KNOW you and saying that you don't know me.. I can only say that you think you are the best and don't even notice people with way better ideas than yours.

    (oh, i'm sure you don't understand sarcasm)