Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lauren Conrad in Teen Vogue

A lot of you now know that Tyler's Top Trends is getting a fashion face lift. We will now be featuring everything fashion in all sense of the word.

Today I wanted to share this video with you, behind-the-scenes footage of Lauren Conrad's shoot for the November issue of Teen Vogue. There's also a little interview that goes along with it. She shares her best tip when new to the fashion industry and that is: get a thick skin. Not that I am pointing fingers or anything *laughs*! I am a big fan of Lauren's. Her style is so fresh and fun! I cannot wait for her new reality-documentary T.V. show.

Are you a fan? Did you find her advice interesting or helpful?


  1. OMG, I love me some Lauren Conrad (LC), I can't wait for her show to arrive to MTV!

  2. Personaly, I am not a fan of Lauren Conrad, I actually think that she is so sucessful in fashion because of her show The Hills, I don't see talent in her. However, I found the advices that she give helpfull and interesting.
    In conclusion, still hate her but not so much as before
    I'm glad you put this video in the blog, help me a lot ;)

    p.s. you have a mistake in the title and text, is Vogue not Vouge, but i'm sure you know it was just a mistake ;)