Sunday, October 10, 2010

Street Chic: Stardoll Style, Halloween Inspired

Who: kezzer97
What: I am not even sure if this fashionista was going for a Halloween inspired look, but it gave me some Halloween inspiration! It's so couture and everything about it and surrounding it is spot on. It really gets me in the mood for that one scary night!
Wear: In this case, I am talking about Halloween, that's where your creativity comes it!

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P.S. I want more Halloween inspired looks!


  1. Do we have to be a follower of this blog in order to be featured for this segement?

    - twlight-lover95

  2. Check my outfit . I am a bee .

  3. Check out JulietJuliet- she has an amazing halloween(ish) outfit.


  4. kezzer!! i love it! messy is the new black! lol