Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10 Questions with Charlotte Rose

For those of you who do not know who Charlotte is, it is time to come out from under that rock! Charlotte, also known as N1mka4eva (on Stardoll) has made her mark in the Stardoll fashion and blogging industry in many different ways. She has an untouchable and curious sense of style that everyone finds intriguing to say the least.

We caught up with Charlotte backstage at this years' Stardoll Fashion Week to ask her a some questions we thought you would find interesting!

Do you have a favorite fashion label?
I don't really, no, I don't particularly pay much attention to fashion anymore so I feel totally out of the loop with it! I really like shopping at places like Zara though, does that count? Haha!

What is your style like in real life?
I'm really inspired by this character from Skins called Cassie, she was in the first season and second season and I just loved the way she dressed, candy coloured tops, socks with shoes... that's completely me, I also love really long skirts with fun patterns on, as well as patterned tights. I guess you could say it's sort of like my MeDoll.

What is your favorite thing in your real life closet right now, as well as your Stardoll one?
It's hard to choose, I really love these floral tights I have, they're white with beige and dirty pink type flowers on, they remind me of innocence for some reason. And my Stardoll one... it has to be between my light and dark blue long checkered skirt or my antidote inspired by van gogh's starry night leggings.

What is the best advice you have received? Or gave?
The best advice, hmm... In all honesty I think the best advice I have been given is by my friend Mary, she told me ''Love me - thank you, hate me - f*ck you''. If I were to give advice, I would say the forever cliche, don't care what other people are doing, cross the line, create your own trends.

What is your biggest pet peeve on Stardoll?
I think my pet peeve on stardoll has got to be wannabes... no, I changed my mind, it's people who think they have left a mark on the stardoll world when in actual fact no more than 5 people know their name, it just annoys me to no end, like, wake up people!

Who has the best style in Dollywood?
Haha, I really want to say me for a joke, but people would probably take me seriously and question me on why I'm so vain, but no, I really like Hay_lin75's style, she can make anything work.

With that being said, do you consider yourself a style icon in our beloved world?
I'm really not sure, I think my style has let a lot of people down lately so I really need to up my game again. I've never really considered myself one though. I think I'm going to let the commenters decide on this one!

What is owning Stardoll's most celebrated magazine like? (Eternity Magazine)
It's great, when I found out I was going to be the Editor-In-Chief it was just so amazing. But with the way things have been in real life recently, I genuinely don't know how I'm going to get a new issue out for next year seeing as I won't be on so much during the next three months.

Do you believe in elitism on Stardoll?
Yeah, I do. I know that sounds bad, gee, it does. But it's really there, whether we like it or not.

What's next for Charlotte? (on Stardoll?)
Well nothing is planned as of yet, I don't really like to work too hard because I've realised there are more important things [in real life] to worry about rather than if you'll be online to work for someone doing whatever. I suppose I'll just continue working with the likes of FG and SFW for now!

And there you have it!

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  2. Loved this interview! Tyler you're amazing (:
    And Charlotte, I think I've already told you about.. a million times, you are my Stardoll icon.

  3. AHhH! Cassieeeeeee!
    My fave Skins character EVER (along with Sid ♥)
    Awesome interview :)

  4. Char rocks, I love you Charzilla ;D
    Great interview Tyler :P

  5. Thanks for the great interview, Ty!

  6. Great interview! And you are definitely a fashion icon ;)