Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fashion Face-Off 5 - Platform Varieties

First I will answer a question that has been bugging people recently.
The reason that lamujerdejudas1 was featured back to back is because she has been the winner in every FFO post she has been in so far, and like I said before, the winner is brought back to face another fashionable person on Stardoll. But, now I see it as a bother, so from now on I will not re-feature the person in the very next post if they win, but they will be later on if I see them fit to 'compete' as I call it. So hopefully that helps people understand why she has been featured a lot.

On with the post!

Last and this fashion season, platforms have been embraced greatly over our Stardoll society, so many versions and forms of them, I think I am in love! At first I was not a strong lover of platform heels, but now I j'dore them as do many other members. So I wanted to showcase these two chic and fashionable looks.

Vampire_ wears a classy yet glamorous of jeweled platforms with gold accessories all over while Willchonok's is a very trendy and autumn combination of sugary browns.

They both look very fierce in their very stylish shoes, but who's the fiercest of them all?

Vote in the comments!
*And remember, if you are an anonymous voter, please list your Stardoll user-name after your vote.
Thank you


  1. ^ because sometimes ppl find a way to vote more that once. When u say who in comments that can't happen. Ps: nice graphic head, like a 3D medoll

    Any I am a sucker for chanel so obv Vampire_.

  2. You always seem to find the most beautiful outfits! It's so hard to choose!!

    I guess my vote is WIllchonok, although what vampire_ is wearing is genius.


  3. I can't choose :S I'm always a fan of Egle's outfits, but they way Willchonok wore the boyfriend blazer with that printed dress is I'll have to say my vote goes to Willchonok!

  4. @ Lolita - Yeah, basically like Gillian said, people can cheat in polls, aannnnddd its fun to get people to say their opinion and vote! :)

  5. Willchonok for the win, her outfit is genius! xoxo

  6. vampire_ hands down!!
    I LOVE her face. I think she looks SO GOOD! So my vote goes to her.
    I like both outfits, so I had to find something else to choose from

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  8. Vampire_ ! I love her platforms and whole outfit! :)

    (i'm eeleenyte10 )

  9. vampire