Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm sure you didn't even know I was gone, but yeah, I was. And the reason I was gone was that I really just wanted to spend time with my family around Thanksgiving. Also, we all know that today is Black Friday. I got a new laptop!

It is actually already pissing me off because it doesn't show the model in the banner above, is she still showing up for you guys? And some of the format is showing up differently, but I guess that could just be because of the screen size differences.

Anywho, the blog should be updated soon, just give some time to relax and figure some things out. And, I guess that's just about it.

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

And what about Black Friday, did any of you go?


  1. It's showing. :)
    Well it's not Thanksgiving in Canada, and I was sick so I didn't go out. :(

  2. The banner is still up on my page. Congratulations on the new laptop! My Thanksgiving was amazing! Still spending it with family. No black Friday for me. Way too cold out.

  3. The model shows up most of the time but gets a bit glitchy. And black friday was great, got new cheetah print booty heels and a black sequin skirt ;)

    Anyway take a look at my outfit for StreetChic ;) I spent a lot of work on it this time.

    Glad your back,

  4. I never saw the model on the banner :S