Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: Admire Couture

Things are truly getting hectic around TTT these days, and while it is never a slow 'news' day... I have some things to report! The first was a promised look and review on the new collection of our sponsor - Admire Couture. It was their first collection and like I said, this debut would either make or break the brand.

Don't hold your breath any longer because I can truly say that it made the brand. What it is and what it will be. Listen, I know that we sponsor them - but I have no reason to not be truthful to you all. And even if you are still wondering, I will give you in detail, the reasons why I loved this collection so much.

First, I would like to say that like any other small brand, you have to build. The graphics may not have been able to compete with much more anticipated and advanced clothing pieces - but that is OK because after all, this was their debut. Key word: debut.

Now... What did I like about this launch? The PERSONALITY. In my opinion, I could smile at the virtual models and follow along with them as the strut. I was waiting for them to keep walking down the runway. They seemed happy and they seemed to tell a story and that may sound crazy, but that is what sold the clothes to me, that is marketing and that is a real life strategy!

Admire Couture is still trying to prove themselves, they do not have a solid show in Stardoll Fashion Week and we have to make this happen for them. Leave a comment below if you think that Admire Couture should launch another collection during SFW!

Interested to see what the rest of the colleciton looks like? Click here!