Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Release: Epiphany

Updated. As of some time today, the Epiphany stored was opened in StarPlaza. Contrary to my original belief that everything from this store was being sold at 12sd, I've realized that the prices range from 10sd to a whopping 22sd....for jewelry. Of course these pieces are gorgeous and they are not something you'll find in Stardoll's other jewelry store, Glam'Rus. However, they are outrageously priced. I'm beginning to think that the people at Stardoll have lost their minds.

Unlike most, my favorite piece is not the Hope Diamond Necklace. It is quite lovely, but I prefer the "A" embellished with diamonds. I may bite the bullet and purchase an item or two before the store is gone, but I'll probably regret that decision later.

What are you buying, if anything?


  1. Hi Tyler,
    I love the blogspot it's really cool please can you accsept my request on your club i love it aswell! My name on stardoll is Hellobing!

  2. Loveloveloveloovelove.