Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pauline Armstrong Model Hunt!

The next big Stardoll clothing brand I have spotted is Pauline Armstrong! Created by our lovely MadDrumFairy, a very talented and artistic member, who isn't like everyone else.

Her very first collection will be Fiancée du Vampire, an alluring and elegant line based from medival era vampires. She is looking for models for this brand now! So if you would like to apply or just follow the blog, then click here!

Will we be seeing this brand during Stardoll Fashion Week S/S?


  1. I really hope we will see this brand on Stardoll Fashion Week.I love this,it's just different,you definitely can't see something like this every day!

  2. I agree. You would normally see wearble couture in fashion weeks but this is rather 'out of the box'. Ah-mazing.

  3. finnaly something like this came into the stardoll fashion industry! i really needed something like this! AMAZING!

    thanks Deidra for letting us know :D

  4. Wow looks amazing well done :) x