Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Art or Something Deeper?

Somehow I ended up on stardoll (haha, that's strange, right?), and came across yet another interesting member. Take a look for yourself:

(Click image to enlarge)

A disturbing amount of black and red are smeared across gunthilde's suite, including a bloody hand dab in the middle of the seemingly-albino doll's dress. Normally things like this doesn't faze me, but on a day like this, it did. {If you aren't hooked already, and thinking this post is a waste of your time, just leave, m'kay? Otherwise, your attention would be much appreciated.}

After browsing through many of the designs, it got me thinking.

This is a fashion haven, and an artistic outlet for...

After a dose of researching stardoll on the web, I learned from Common Sense that the most common age filtered through the website is 13 year olds. If I remember back from when I was thirteen, thrillers filled with blood and one-eyed demons did nothing but allow a handful of nightmares to file through my brain.

With that statistic in mind, how many thirteen year olds do you think that cross gunthilde's page today will not be able to go to sleep tonight?

If I were madmadeline (LOL), I probably would have reported her. But, since I'm not keen on making stardoll a website filled with butterflies and rainbows (not that it is already), I'm going to let gunthilde (and all those other members who post things that may be somewhat harmful to our younglings out there) off the hook, and next time designing something to pass the time, simply put, to be cautious.

Think of what you do before you do it. Because it can have consequences. And that shall conclude this rather meaning(ful/less) presentation.



  1. I'm twelve, and that kind of thing does not scare me at all. Now, scary movies on the other hand...

  2. Yeah, this doesn't scare me either, it is her personal style, I used to decorate my room and dress like her.

  3. It really doesn't bother me personally...

  4. It really depends on the person.. and Stardoll was made so you can express yourself. That's how she feels, and that's how she enjoys seeing her suite. Most people would find it interesting, and see her as a creative person. Not many people can say they have that ability. But you know,.. that's just my opinion.

  5. No one really feels the need to report member like this because they are powerful on Stardoll.