Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hot Buys Weekly 6: Denim

This week's theme for the Weekly Hot Buys release was denim, and lots of it. I think the only items in the collection that weren't made of the fashionably durable material were the two pairs of shoes. However, as much as my love for the versatile fabric goes, I didn't particularly like Stardoll's take on it with this release. The construction seemed a little sloppy and haphazard to me; and although the general design might have been somewhat inspiring, it fell into the category of those more recent Hot Buys that aren't anything special.

So we'll begin with the Knot Striped Shirt. I definitely enjoyed the loosely casual knot at the bottom of the shirt, but it did little with the overall design of the item itself. The wrinkles and creases in the fabric were constructed decently, but with barely a strip of midriff showing and the modesty in the high-buttoned collar making me slightly uncomfortable, I could hardly see spending 14 Stardollars on it.

Next is the Dotted Denim Dress, which I didn't like very much. To me, it kind of resembled a cross between "cowgirl" and "trendy", which only works in some circumstances... and this wasn't one of them. The denim star-printed fabric didn't really work in this particular dress, and to be quite honest, it looked like someone took a pair of scissors to some overalls and sewed it on top of an opaque LBD. However, the shape of the bodice was rather nice, and I liked the straps, but I feel like more effort could have been put into the skirt to make it truly Hot Buys worthy. That was the overall problem with this entire release. Nothing really that caught my eye or made me want to spend a whopping 18 Stardollars.

The Dotted Punk Jeans would have been so much nicer if the Stardoll designers hadn't overlooked one crucial detail: the fact that the translucent white dot pattern is running right off the leg of the jeans into space, only by a little, but still overlooked, nonetheless. Forgive me if I'm being overly captious with my patterns here, but it just ticked at me, I suppose. But I really did love the jeans themselves. Aside from that simple misdemeanor, the simplistic style and the cuffed ends were quite nice. The acid wash coloring was also really nice. I do still believe that more could have been done to the waistband and the stitching could have been enhanced a little, but I'll settle for this, if nothing else. Probably the nicest item in this week's release, in my opinion.

But my question is... what's so punk about ripped jeans?

I'm usually very picky when it comes to buying shoes in the Starplaza. I've got to try them on a bunch of different times, with different pairs of pants or jeans or leggings, and I've got to be 110% sure that I'll actually wear them and not waste my money buying them. That being said, I'd probably avoid buying the Camelia Sneakers. I'm really confused as to what the point of sticking random black tufts of whatever that's supposed to be onto the sides of the shoe. The straps of the shoe (if that's what those actually were) blended right in with the fabric, making it look even more plain than it was to begin with.

I really don't have much to say about the Mademoiselle Booties. I won't go that far as to say they were a horrendous blight on the name of fashion, and "how dare they call themselves shoes", but it was pretty bad. It would have looked a little nicer if it had a more sophisticated and sleek appeal and overall design.

Overall, this collection scored a D.

I'm still waiting for a huge surprise for next week! I'm thinking a modern, Oriental themed collection would be a fresh take? Or maybe the classic black and white mod. So many options, but we'll have to see what comes out next week! Until then, dollies! 


  1. Eugh... Hotbuys have been SO disappointing recently.. As has most of the stuff on Stardoll. Not even worth it anymore to buy this.

  2. With denim its either you love it or hate it, no alternative. I guess this week it was a total miss! Sucks for stardoll.

  3. The dots coming out the dress are quite funny but I still like them! I HATE the shoes, the shading style for all the items really isn't hot buys worthy. Stardoll need to go back and look at their old shading techniques. If anything you would have thought stardoll would have gotten better with time...

  4. @iswim19 Tell me about it. I miss the old graphics and trendy designs... back when Stardoll actually put some effort into their releases. I guess since they're doing this on a weekly basis, they had to get them done rather quickly, which surmises the whole sloppy theme goin' on here...