Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review: X Magazine

How very... Scandalous. 

Dear readers, what we are about to witness is the return of stylish, sexy graphics that are both eye-catching and thought provoking. Yet, on its face, X Magazine seems like the epitome of what a Stardoll magazine should be: but is it? Let us weigh it on the TTT scale and see. As always, remember instead of putting page numbers, I use brackets, for example, the cover is [1/27]. This magazine contains 27 pages.

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Graphic Design: 8.5/10 X establishes a simplistic, monochromatic theme from the cover through to the end. Sometimes, monochrome is the worst possible idea to do because it is too boring- yet X has succeeded in making it work, and I love it. And I mean, love it. From the Chanel ads [3/27] to the editorial [11/27] (and may I say, nice collarbones? Gorgeous!) I am in love. Yet, the X "Trend Report"'s cover graphics [13/27] made me cringe a little bit. Also, the nun's habit does not even touch on fashionable, sorry [21/27]. Coupled together, it's a great start, but could be worked on: may I suggest a little better curating next time?

Fashion Editorial: 8/10 I will go ahead and assume your "Balenciaga" article [9-12/27] is the X version of editorial. It's a novel idea, I like it. Lets roll with it. I love the graphics, as commented on above, the writing is good, yet as a magazine you are facing a problem many other magazines don't: you don't have enough pictures. There are not enough pieces to make this a fashion editorial. Instead of one full outfit, think two or three. Although, all together, I like the idea and I think it is a creative way to not only educate your readers, but also create a magazine that looks to the future.

Trends Shown: 8.5/10 I really like how X broke the trend down into different pieces, however, I feel two or three trends could have been done in this section. One outfit, 3 pages [14-16/27]? My complaints end there, however. I like it. I like the running commentary, I like the outfit, and I think it fits beautifully into the theme X has established here. Good work.

Creativity: 9.5/10 I've seen more creativity in this magazine than any other in awhile. From the new approach on fashion editorials, to the trend breakdowns, to the unique graphics and the creative theme, it's really very good. And, at the end, I love "Controversy" by AislinVictory, [24-25/27]. Simply from the creativity aspect in it, it establishes an idea that magazines can make people think once more: not just mindless catalogues of clothing. This magazine has many interesting articles and themes, I could just swoon.

Writing Style: 8/10 This is where it gets tricky. Historically, I haven't critiqued writing much because other magazines simply do not have any writing whatsoever. This time, I'm faced with the dilemma: there are so many articles, which one should I read? I am selecting a random article, and I am reading "How Religion Influenced Fashion" [21-22/27]. All articles in a magazine should be carefully edited and picked at before publication, correct? So every article in the magazine should be of similar caliber and quality. Here we go: I think the concept is great. I've never thought about religion influencing fashion before: this article is original as it can get. Yet, the author makes a point I cannot quite follow along with at times, and seems to lean towards off topic at a certain point "they take these ideas and inject them into their runway shows almost as a brainwashing scheme..." what? The author makes these interesting points: now show me the facts. Which designers? Which collections? Which year? You gave me the why- how?

How did this magazine score?
42.5 out of 50 points, at 85% or B

My Final Comments: Congratulations X Magazine! I don't think I've given out a B all year! Excellent job all around, and I can see you need to fix some of the details, but I also can see myself giving you possibly an A or A- next time around. Improvements, sure, but you have come pretty close to perfect. I'd say you are in the lead to be the industry's standards.

What do you think TTT?
Check back SUNDAY to read my review on the new Vogue Magazine!!


  1. fabulous! this was an incredible review, you touched up on things i think people overlooked. i'll definitely be taking your points into consideration and use them to mould the foundations of my next issue. thank you!

  2. I love your reviews because as Jack said you look so far into the magazine and really find some good points that others don't pick up on.

  3. I thought X magazine was a smash it was very minimal.

    I feel like the "already better than vogue" statement is a bit too soon to say. People honestly just want to compare magazines i understand.

    But remember femme magazine they have only 2? issues and faded out? (we could talk about my unsuccessful graphic career but lol that's a joke anyways).

    I am not trying to trash jacks project but vogue has 9 issues and those popular magazines "E,D,Done,fierce,etc." took years to build up. if they've even gotten to 9 issues. the life span of an magazine is rare these days, you know?

    Jelinna was popping out a magazine monthly and i think you guys don't give her enough credit for her hard work. Everyone complains about there not being articles but who actually wants to read one? I'd say a good percent of stardoll just skim the magazine for the graphics.


    Although X is REALLY GOOD IT UNLIKE VOGUE HASN'T RELEASED 9(!!!) ISSUES. Like, that's a milestone and Jelinna gets SO MUCH shit.

    Keep up the work Jack
    And keep up the work Jelinna ;)