Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vogue Magazine Review

Hello my fashionable friends,

It seems (acclaim-wise) that Vogue magazine would be the "it" magazine of today, n'est-ce pas? For example, on my last review of "X Magazine" I was faced with several disparaging comments about how I've judged X too soon to show whether it is a lasting magazine, while Vogue with (whoa), 9 issues, has already proven to be a powerhouse in the industry. But has it... really? It seems the editor-in-chief, Jelinna, has a strong pack of followers who are both loyal and biased. I, fortunately, have not hopped on that train car, and FEAR NOT, dear readers, you can always count on me for a non-biased and detailed review. As always, remember, instead of using page numbers, I use brackets, for example the cover is [1/25]. This magazine contains 25 pages.

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Graphic Design: 9/10 If anything, Vogue is most famous for it's graphics and it's graphics are probably the #1 reason why Vogue even has the following it does. My favorite graphics have to be the Spring Trends [4/25], although I must say the shading and make-up is a bit strange at parts [5/25] and [17/25] and I feel Jelinna has gotten a bit sloppy at times. Because she has already set such high standards for herself, I was expecting more consistency, which I did not see at all times. Vogue is no longer a fledgling magazine- it must bring to the table the same high standards it has set for itself consistently, in every single issue.

Fashion Editorial: 4/10 Uh... excuse me? Where is your editorial? What I find funny is that there is no theme whatsoever throughout the magazine. It's confusing and not fluid and I see what should be an article in "When I Doubt Wear Red" [8/25], yet there is nothing after it: it just switches to something the editor feels is relevant, but in reality- is really not. At all. There's not much to comment on, because, well, there's not much here at all.

Trends Shown: 8.5/10 There's quite a bit of trend shown here... But I wish there was an explanation. Nothing tells me why any of this is even popular [4-9/25]. Honestly, there's no reason why I should buy these clothes in Starplaza. Because Vogue says it's popular, without explanation? Your magazine may be distinguished, but it hasn't gotten to the point where it's a fashion Bible, like the real life Vogue. So, please, do give us some explanation.

Creativity: 2/10 The title itself is one of the least unique, creative ideas, EVER. The reason why it has taken so long to have a "Vogue" magazine on Stardoll is well, because it has been done already. In real life. Everything in this article is so... cliche. Traditionally pretty, with a already done before "Beauty" section [11-13/25]... And a biography of Lady Gaga [17-21/25], like we all don't know who she is. I tried to be kind and return points here, but there is ZERO semblance of originality and creativity... The magazine does not even aspire to. BE DARING!!! I cannot stress this enough.

Writing Style: 2/10 The only points given here are ones for having some words on the page. I did not even bother to read any articles, because there were 2 total "articles" (if even that) in this magazine: a beauty tutorial and Lady Gaga's biography, which, by the way, looks like a copy-and-pasted Wikipedia page to me. Hard hitting stuff, eh? More like a fashion catalog rather than a magazine.

How did this magazine score?
25.5 out of 50 points, at 51% or F

My Final Comments: Truthfully, graphics mean so little in the face of a magazine's value. I promise, open up any magazine from Marie Claire to (the real life) Vogue, and I GUARANTEE you will find articles that are debatable, hot button issues, that interest people. Society events, parties, interesting critiques from experts and original fashion ideas. Vogue really has nothing, besides "pretty pictures." And, even that, seem sloppier than they have been in past issues. I was expecting a higher score, but I am non-biased and will give the score I deem to be fitting. If Vogue does not change, that's fine- just do not expect me to do another review of this magazine in that case: it's not even worth my time.

What do you think TTT? Agree/disagree?
Is there a magazine you think I should review? Tell me!


  1. I totally agree. Even in Vogue there is at least two long articles not written off of a wikipedia article -.-

  2. Aren't all stardoll magazines uncreative? I mean, the only element of surprise, complexity or creativity is shown through graphics these days, but graphics can only do so much.

    Not that writer quality has deteriorated its just the creative director (if they have one) is not coming up with worthwhile articles, writers need to put up with whatever they're given (I know this from experience).

    But in their defense, they are popping each issue in a timely manner (something that's almost never been done) and finding the time to meet with the team, organize ideas AND have time to write articles and do graphics it could likely be impossible (unless their whole team has no life outside star doll, microsoft word or photoshop).

    I just want a magazine that tackles controversial matter, not what color to wear or a biography on a celebrity who EVERYONE knows about. Something unique, but perhaps that's too much to ask of VOGUE.


  3. that's the thing, no magazines have creative directors anymore, or any team for that matter! I don't see why jelinna doesn't hire some writers and either become more of a creative director herself or hire someone because she is missing core parts of what makes a good magazine.

  4. Everyone is giving their opinions on how uncreative it's or how roughly it was made (which i don't think so but anyways, but did anyone know that Jelinna is actually very sick (to the point of being in the hospital at the moment?
    It's extremely easy to judge and point out the flaws of others but not so easy to see the real situation, normally I don't comment on anything, I just try to mind by own business even when I don't really agree but she's one of my best friends and she's the sweetest and nicest person I've ever met in stardoll and I'm really sick of everyone having something bad to say about her.
    Most of us would just give up when not being so well (and for much less I've seen already so many times) but she continues with her project whatever the opinions and her health state so give some credit to that, critizing everything won't make you all better anyhow

    1. I agree with you Tania. Jelinna is a very sweet girl, and her graphics and work have always been amazing. I think that VOGUE has the most graphics in any magazine issue that I have seen, and this is actually why I like this magazine the best. Jelinna is trying her hardest but I think that it would be to her benefit to hire someone to help her out a little bit in this time of need. :)

  5. @cooldeer123

    Yes Tania I agree but this is rating the magazine not her health, without taking into an account her personal life. As much as I agree with your comments and it's very nobel of her to keep it up this is a review of the magazine itself.

  6. @Cooldeer123

    You know i admire you so much Tania. But what theyy're critizing in the Post it's the Magazine and not Christina's Health state. I really liked the Review. In my blog i always give mostly nice reviews, because i know it's work. Even if it's no the Prettiest it's hard. And you know about it. You have a magazine. But what i mean it's that is true. We all are critics of the Work of others. Everyone has an opinion. I don't want to fight or you to hate me. But the Review was excellent and really.. Idk the word but it's just amazing. It's the truth. And if you could say Christina i hope she gets better, and i wish her the best. - Just wanted to add that. Anyways, the magazine it's good.

  7. I will say that Vogue could use a little bit more writing, but other than that I love looking at the graphic images. You do well at pointing out other's flaws, don't you think? I'd love to see you produce a magazine and have other's criticise you. It might be your opinion and all, but I get fucking tired of hearing you do just that.

  8. It's funny to me how people keep claiming that Jelinna's graphics are getting "sloppier" each issue. I'd really like to see half of you pull off what she does. She does a great job even in bad health, which shows a resilliant artist is still there trying to please us all. Vogue does need articles, I will say that and more structured, themed editorials.

    I admire how she gets each issue out on time with a very standard format just like a true magazine should. I do feel as if Vogue is very, very undeserving of your "grade", which probably doesn't mean much to a lot of people to be honest, especially her follower base. I doubt Jelinna cares what anyone has to say about her magazine and how she produces it obviously as we've all seen before in the past.

  9. @God.: Personally I knew I was in for this kind of heat when I would post about Jelinna's magazine. And, honestly, that's my job- to criticize. Should I just post about her virtues and wax poetic about her magazine? There's already plenty of people who do that, and my job is to make her better. Is there anywhere where I'm unnecessarily unfair? Do you not agree? What would you give her- on my scale? And, if you're going to challenge me to a magazine, why don't I challenge you to write a non-biased, critical view of this same magazine? And, maybe grow enough balls to come off of "God" because I am sure you aren't that.

    @Ashley_Doggett: I think it's funny how you've been nasty and shutting down all of my reviews since I shot your own magazine down. I've always been fair, I always will be. I'm sorry about Jelinna's health condition, HOWEVER this is her magazine. She has faults. Why do you feel she is undeserving of my grade? Tell me, what would you grade her on my same scale? The points you admire her on- I brought those up. Or maybe you didn't read about them.

    I would like to add I respect Cooldeer123's opinion. I believe she expressed it in a way I can understand and I realize everyone has their own opinion. I am just sick of people who look at this in such a biased way, or have a personal vandetta. These reviews aren't biased. I have nothing against Jelinna.

    Just putting my two cents out there.

  10. @ Iswim19. I could care less about what you ever said about my old magazine, really.What does that have to do with me giving my opinon anyway? How am I being "nasty" by giving an opinion just like you did in this very post? Answer me that. No one is "lashing out" or anything of that manner. -_-

    I'm just saying that I doubt she cares about what anyone has to say really. It would be a bit sad to see you waste your time when there are other magazines to review.

    You gave your grade since that's your job to give a grade like some sort of teacher. That's not my job to grade other's skills, especially another artist, so don't ask me what grade I'd give.

    Sure, people have their own style to the way they produce anything, which can be subjugated to any form of critique. You may have brought up the same points, but that doesn't mean that you put very much emphasis on why exactly you felt that way(yet again, my "nasty" opinion).

  11. Whether she was or was not sick at the time is irrelevant, graphics wise the grade Sierra gave was good enough, but we're criticizing the content mainly creativity in writing, theme, ideas which SHOULD HAVE been handled by a creative director, and if the magazine doesn't have one then that's probably the issue.

    @Sierra: Whenever anyone does a review, people EXPECT you to be nice to them, when in reality you have an obligation to give your HONEST opinion, regardless of how it might "hurt their feelings". The ugly truth is, you need to accept critique, and move on, but people don't do that. That, my friend, is how drama is created, people who have the need to change your opinion because its not theirs, and you shouldn't give into that (which I'm sure you don't).

  12. Honestly Sierra, your review was truthful. I will never understand the people that say that they are too critical considering IT IS A REVIEW. IT IS GETTING REVIEWED.

    Jelinna is an AMAZING graphics artist there is absolutely no doubt, she is very good with timing and creating a very good looking magazine but it lacks content and thats' where points were lost.

    Also Ashley, you're never far from a biased comment huh? Judging and critiquing the people you dislike and posts you don't agree with however if you like them you will fight off anything negative.

  13. @Ashley_Doggett: That's fine, it's your own opinion, I'm just wondering if you're not being completely fair since this isn't the first time, it seems you fire back every time I hand out a lower grade. Just curious.

    @Findurlove: I'm not trying to start drama, I'm curious, however, that this isn't the first time she's complained about me being unfair.

    1. The curiosity killed the cat...

  14. @Iswim19 Don't tell me that I'm not who I am. I will smite thee for thy sins!