Tuesday, April 30, 2013

HUGE accessories

This spring, designers left us with edgy proportions. Minimalism is slowly fading away as Carine Roitfeld said she hopes so at the last Paris Fashion Week. Here we are in spring and it's time for you to get some references on what you will have to wear this season as accessories.

The master word here is HUGE, choose to wear some big accessories the next month at the beach or if you are willing to chill out to eat an ice cream.

Take your huge Chanel pearls as shown at the side here.

If you may travel and party a night in a city you don't know, these Balmain creoles are what you need.

You're asking yourself if you can put several big accessories then, well if you wish so, do it like Lanvin does, as big belts and big necklaces are allowed:

Also purchase this "Love" necklace at the starplaza.
In real it's actually better to not wear so many huge accessories, only 1 or 2 is enough. 

Then of course, if you are to make a travel, go to the beach, party, or just chill out to be seen, you must have a bag! And even if bags are big since way longer than this season, it's still possible to make them even bigger, at Chanel or Hermès for example:

Here you have the proof that HUGE is the new trend this season, so are you willing to follow this trend? Do you have some of these HUGE accessories?



  1. Don't get me wrong, I love the overall concept and theme of the post but the grammar is horrific!

    1. lol, I can spot them too.

    2. Amanda's mother tongue isn't english so you should focus more on the content rather than the grammar;)

      It's not like there aren't americans or australians or brits who can't construct a proper text too.

    3. I'm really sorry for that... I wasn't sure about this, now I'm confused :/

    4. Don't be sorry! The post was really interested and I enjoyed reading it. I just wanted to be grammar nazi because I wasn't sure if you realized the grammar mistakes.

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    6. _StarHelen_: I come from Switzerland, my first language is German, my second languages are French and English. Whether or not your first language is English or not, you can't write and expect that its OK for your grammar or spelling to be off.

      I am especially more critical of writers and their grammar or fluency because its not only a way for them to become more credible as writers, but also it helps them improve if their English is not that good. Especially since I am that way with myself and the writers of my blog.

      LadyGaGaMcQueen: Grammar deals with how you present yourself, the audience won't connect to your content if they are agitated by any grammatical or conventional mistakes. If I look past that, I can understand what your points are, and you do an OK job describing the trends for this season.


  2. Great post! You've inspired me for my next outfit!

  3. You made me think of an outfit great post