Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hot Buys Weekly #13 - Laser Cuts

Hello everyone. First of all I'd like to apologise for the absence of Hot Buy Weekly posts in the last few weeks. As Vivian has previously said, she is quite busy in real life and didn't have time. However I will be continuing to do them until she  returns.

To make a long story short however the past 3 or so collections haven't been so great.

First off, the advertisement of this week's Hot Buys is very nice. It is slightly blurry but the colour scheme is very pretty.

My least favourite item this week is the dress. At the cost of 14sd I would expect something more than a simple checked blue graphic dress. I haven't seen a nice dress in HBs in a quite a while and this appeared to continue the trend. The minimal shading makes it looks very flat and if it were to lose it's pattern, it would be thrown straight into the Basics reject bin.

The white shoes were reasonably pretty although I've been having some trouble putting them into an outfit. They are well priced at a mere 7 stardollars so if you are able to work them into your stylings I'd definitely purchase them.

The black shoes are very interesting and surprisingly versatile and wearable. I could see myself wearing these a lot so I will definitely be buying them later on. My one complaint would be the odd laces on them however they do not defer me from picking them up.

Another favourite of mine this week are the laser shorts. They are very on trend and stylish and to my surprise made reasonably well. They aren't to old hot buy shading standard but definitely a lot stronger than the ugly and boring gradient shading we were receiving.

The final item of this collection is the cropped top which reminds me of the Viktor & Rolf collection that Stardoll used in the Summer 2012 LE edition. It has rather good shading and the sleeves are very nice. The one downside I have to this item is the wearability as I'm yet to work it into a decent outfit so this will probably be the last item on my 'possibly purchases' list.

What did you think of this week's Hot Buys?


  1. I agree with you on the fact that the past few hot buys were pretty bad. However, from this weeks bunch, I really do love the Laser Shorts. They are on trend and can easily be styled.

  2. shoes were alright better then the shoes have been

  3. I think some of them are chanel inspired from SS13

    1. The shoes could be from Balmain SS 2013

    2. That's all we can get from this garbage, a lot of could bes. They need to step up their game, and produce something actually worthwhile...

  4. Stardoll needs to get it together. This is just ridiculous. I bought the shorts and the black shoes, and I wasn't even that impressed with those.

  5. I'm not certain there is anything in this collection that I will buy. I agree totally about how ridiculous the blue checked dress is. However, those shorts don't do anything for me, either. Just too trendy for me. I have my own style and it doesn't include those shorts!