Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Release, Summer Fever

The summer holidays are rapidly approaching and Stardoll deemed this a good time to release an entirely new fashion store Fever, Rio's annoying little sister, as branded by a member of the royalty club. The collection, which is Stardoll's attempt at a staple summer store is full of the same old released by Stardoll in recent months: tacky colours, average graphics,loose draped fabric everywhere - not forgetting the fever logo clustered onto a handful of the items. Out of the entire collection I liked a total of seven pieces although I am yet to buy any. There have only been one or two items in recent months that I've loved and deemed a necessity to my Stardoll closet, and I really hope Stardoll deliver with both the tributes and other collections in the Summer months. What are your thoughts on Fever?


  1. Strangely enough, I really like several of the pieces, and their price tags are so much nicer than the over priced LE and Antidote stuff.

  2. Not a huge fan of the collection, but a few pieces weren't too bad, although I wouldn't buy them personally.

  3. It's like hell's gates opened...

  4. "Rio's annoying little sister" (Lol), I would say original future & wild candy's big sister, I won't mind if this store replaces original future (which is the worst store in starplaza), or if the outfits were all in starcoins & were released in the wild candy store, but I don't think this store will be there for a long time. The outfits are quite colourful.

    1. They also look like a much cheaper version of young hollywood & the quality of the outfits are not worth the price.

  5. Ugh, just no. This is by far the worst I've seen them do in a while and I wouldn't waste my stardollars on it. (Why don't they make any more stuff starcoin available?)