Monday, June 3, 2013

The Stardollogist #1

To check it out on the blog follow the link:
Each Stardollogist paper will be posted on here with a short overview and review as the conclusion of the post. I for one am very excited about this project and I definitely recommend for you to read it.

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This brand new and exciting project created by Gladis (dingyfeathers) is definitely one that I am looking forward too and I cannot wait to read the next issue of the SD paper. In this first issue there are many interesting and surprisingly realistic articles, alongside some wonderful segments such as Ask Gladis, Joke of the Week and my personal favourite, The Weekly Weave with Watermelondrea. I especially love the layout and format and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every part of this debut issue. I for one am very excited for the next release!

What do you think about Stardollogist: Issue #1?