Thursday, August 26, 2010

September Hot Buys!

What a cutesy pose!

"Hot Buys Felt Hat - Decades, September 2nd
Hot Buys Budgies Top - Fudge, September 5th
Hot Buys Dress - Voile, September 9th
Hot Buys Transparent Umbrella - Evil Panda, September 7th
Hot Buys Glitter Bag - RIO, September 14th
Hot Buys Office Dress - Stardoll Girls, September 16th
Hot Buys Pocket Watch - Bisou, September 18th
Hot Buys Big Sweater - Fudge, September 22nd
Hot Buys Wedge Heels - Pretty in Pink, September 24th
Hot Buys Leather Jacket - September 30th"

Also, visit Hot Buys Addicted for the real life versions!

So if I had to describe this collections of Hot Buys in one word, it would probably be innocent. What about you? Leave a comment!

1 comment:

  1. Really love the office dress!

    So versatile and ``accesorisable``. ;P