Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stardoll Global Fashion Kicks Off!

Manolo.DiCicco is reviving himself from the dead, and with that - comes new projects! One of his more intelligently designed projects, Stardoll Global Fashion has begun its' hopefully, long run! With that being said, we're here to cover it!

In case you're not aware of what SGF is, it is basically a weekly adventure into different cultures of fashion around the world. You know, a history lesson on countries in the form of fashion. The first country being:

I really do like this project and I know that it is going to do well in the Stardoll world so if you are also interested click here to visit the official site!

I realize this post was not very informative, but I am in a hurry!

However, we have some fun things on the way!

What do YOU think about this venture?

1 comment:

  1. I didn't create this project alone :P
    Also Cassandra (ad.astra) and Marco (-Marco.)are the owners of this amazing project and together we created and build the concept of SGF.

    Anyways... Thank you so much for following DG and the projects and thanks for posting about SGF!