Tuesday, September 28, 2010

M by Marclea: Candy Collection

tI am terribly sorry, I do know that the posts have been kind of unorganized and all over the place - but I am in the process of hiring new writers and working on some new projects for the blog itself. I have said it before, I will say it again: bare with me!

Anyways, on with the post. Stardoll Fashion Week is the 'it' week, I assume, for all fashion lovers as well as providers to come together. So in honor of the ingenious week, designer Marcela has released a brand new Star Bazaar collection: Star Burst!


We all know that her last collection was a huge success and all the pieces sold out very quickly. I am saying this because the designs are limited. From today until October 3rd is when you will be able to purchase this pattern. I myself think it is very cutesy and it really follows the trends for autumn and fall. You can never know what this girl will do next, her designs are really captivating Stardollians all across the web and she becoming quite the suite-hold name. Marcela is a designers, respect that.

Click here to purchase the design!
What do you think about Marcela's current collection?

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  1. Marcela has always been a GENIUS when it comes to designs! Can't wait to see the others designs. As for the other starbazaar collection, hay_lin75(Did I speel right?) was a pleasant surpise too.

  2. It's not really my style, but I'm sure it will be popular :)

  3. Hmm don't like it... again. But I love the advertisement :D

  4. i don't particularly love
    it but.
    for sure people will bye it

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