Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week Day 3: Coconut Lingerie

Someone that should be getting a (excuse my French) shitload of credit for this amazing event that is Stardoll Fashion Week, is Becka Lavendale. Otherwise known as Psychotic-Freak. She really has done most, and by most I mean all of the work without Mary. And while she didn't create the magazines and clothing collections that you have been seeing, she did create this next line herself with some help from her partner Nojmual (Nojarama). It's a really simple, yet mysterious brand: Coconut Lingerie.

Because Stardoll wasn't already sexed-up enough (laughs), Coconut Lingerie was born. It's just in time to catch up with the real world - and while most people are showing some fall looks, with scarves and what not, the folks over at Coconut are whipping out Spring colors. Along with the apparel.

Here's what the creators had to say about the line:
"When you normally imagine a bra, you think either white, nude, or some black lacy sex tool. It’s become such a cliché! We wanted to change that. Coconut wanted to bring bolder colours into springtime, by fusing tropical influences with our British chic theme. Therefore, florals, warm tones with acidic contrasts, union jacks, teapots and a Mini are our staples. You won’t want to wear your old white knickers ever again. "
Need I say more?

Really. Need I say more?

Take a look at the complete collection here!

Aced it.

What do you think about Coconut Lingerie?

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