Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week Day 3: Eccentric Magazine

What a marvelous day.

Eccentric Magazine makes a comeback!

As you all know, my dear - dear friend Vanessa (Star_Awards) has been absent from Stardoll for quite some time. Well, soon enough, she was bound to return. Don't they always? I'm rambling. ANYWAYS, she's back and probably more matured. She's put her problems aside and really started to get professional. It was a mystery for as while as to whether or not she would continue working on a new issue of Eccentric and fair enough: she was! Lets take a look:

The Coverit is Devie44 and he/she doesn't look too bad! The articles featured in this issue were actually quite interesting. It covered the basics. It talked about the current rulers of Stardoll and it also go personal with past ones. The colors are soft and the graphics have improved tremendously.

I have been so busy, Vanessa! But since I haven't messaged you about the new issue yet - how about I do publically, now. CONGRATULATIONS!

What are your thoughts on Eccentric's return?