Friday, October 1, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week Day 4: The E Empire

Continuing the coverage for SFW, this new collection is very luxurious. HOWEVER, I do have quite a bit I would like to say about it. Remember, blogging is all about opinions.

'The E Empire' was made public today and each model that walked down the runway looked like a million bucks. The collection consists of six pieces all created and designed by evita.sweet. The runaway was very detailed (unlike some runways we've seen this week) and I could tell that Eva really wants her time in the spotlight. She wants to show people what she is capable of and she did.


She really didn't get the proportions right. I know this has nothing to do with the collection and clothing at all - which is what he want to focus on, but it is kind of hard to when the models body looks dismantled in them. I would half to say that Eva's collection was the most processed of the five we've already seen, and I do think that her graphic skills are also up there with some of the higher ranked designers. Even the color and cut of the gowns stood up, however, I felt she was lacking a little bit of patience.

View the rest of the collection here!

What are your thoughts on The E Empire?


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