Sunday, September 19, 2010

Street Chic; Apply Now!

I am currently working on some new Street Chic posts right now, and I am also working on getting them back up and running. I figured, since I haven't published any in a while, why not give you guys' the chance to be featured here on Tyler's Top Trends!

Fur for Winter 2010-11Buttons

I am looking for someone, or multiple people wearing the following:
  • An outfit that consists or fur!
  • An outfit with statement buttons!

You could even go make an outfit with those 'items' right now if you want. After doing so, leave a comment! Your participation is what keeps blogs alive. I am assuring you that if your outfit is incredibly fierce, you're going to be featured! Good luck!


  1. Oh military trench dresses count as well? If so, I'm wearring one :)

  2. Wearing SOME fur, not full outfit though, take a look and see if it is what you are searching for.

    Btw it is Galaxina.

  3. Awesome :) I'll do it today! Oh is it alright if a post a tinypic link instead of leaving the outfit on in my suite?

  4. mE :)
    Im wearing boyfriend jacket and some itens which look like school

  5. I've got a statement buttons outfit!

    my name is amy_0202