Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week Day 5: Fantasy Couture

I am terribly sorry that this review is coming late, but the circus was in town (literally) and I was out all night. It's alright though, because it seems like only one collection was released on this day.

And that collection was... Eeleenyte10's Fantasy Couture!
"Well, this collection isn't couture, and some pieces are casual, but the rest is more interesting and different. My biggest inspiration is nature, and this collection is about sky - wind, clouds and sunrise. Also, my inspirations are fashion designers and fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, Victor & Rolf or Versace. I try to create something different, a little weird - maybe not in first collection, but that's my biggest goal."
The quote above what released by the designer herself and it is quite disappointing. When you hear the brand name Fantasy Couture, don't you expect to see some couture fashion pieces incorporated into the collection? I don't like the color scheme, I don't like the runway, and I don't like the way the pieces were styled. This collection just didn't do the brand justice.

View the rest of the collection below:



  1. I like these pieces but the definitely aren't my favorites.

  2. the colors and patterns are to consistant for my taste, I dont hate them but I dont like either...