Monday, October 4, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week: It's Over

Stardoll Fashion Week is over.

I am very sad, because it was keeping Stardoll alive and so much was going on - but I can only hope that Stardoll continues to be this way year around. Maybe not so hectic. But on another note, I am also very happy and pleased, mostly because it was taking over this here blog and I will finally have to make other fashion related posts and get some new writers. Secondly because of the feedback we received. It really inspired me to continue to write for you guys. I think we could all say SFW was a success.

See you here next year for coverage?

What did YOU think of SFW?


  1. I definitely think it was a success! It brought a lot of different things together, and many ppl got recognition that they deserved (:

  2. Diddo and I think Pscyhotic-Freak(Becka)did a wonderful job as well :)