Saturday, November 27, 2010

Magazines Continue to Get Unoriginal

It's never been a question as to what to feature in a virtual and 'real life' magazine: hot trends, hot models! It seems like, for a good year now, magazines are not evolving. Melanie Bookson (bluegreen86) is the model. The one we are talking about today, the one that stops magazines from reaching their all-time high. But is it her fault, or the editors? To rephrase myself, are magazine owners butchering their own magazines?

Melanie made her huge modeling debut in one of our favorite magazines, D! She was the Covergirl for the January issue, to which was titled "The Winter Issue". The photo shoot spread was tasteful in our eyes and no one caused a big stir about it, it was necessary. The magazine had finally gotten its' 'big break'.

(View a photo from the spread, below):

It was only a mere two days after that, when what used-to-be Stardoll's trendiest magazine - Eternity Magazine published their winter issue, titled "Wild Winter". Everyone was in shock that two major magazines could publish winter seasonal issues and have the same Covermodel. Her spread caused a unnecessary stir, unlike her feature in Different Magazine. Now, I will say that while D Magazine kept it classy, Eternity did get a little sluttish (people have claimed). It wasn't the fact that Eternity sexed it up a notch and it wasn't the fact that D exited with nothing, but a fan base. It was the sole fact of rivalry and it was the only thing anyone had noticed. It was a mistake and that was that. Done.

(View a photo from the spread below):

Nevertheless, like I said, it was done. Melanie has been used in other magazines. She's become an international Stardoll model and while most of her photo shoots contain her strutting around in lingerie, she continues to keep her 'good-girl' image. Something that confuses us all.

Now, almost a year later - the winter season approaches us and we are stuck with the same problem. Lets just say that while Different and Eternity Magazine have left the scene, we are left with the same problem. But it's not two well-known magazines that are facing off. The same idea was just stolen. Again.

Take a look here at the just released winter season issue for Lipstick Magazine. Yep, Mel is the Covergirl, and yes, she is in sexy clothing next to a fireplace and a Christmas tree. Oh, and yeah, her arm is behind her head. I am not sure if this is her favorite modeling pose or do the staff members retouch her like mad?

(View a photo from the spread, below):

I honestly don't think this would be as noticeable to viewers if it was summer, but how could the staff let this happen. No creativity. Although, yes, the magazine does have other stuff - doing this makes it a lot harder for us to focus on everything else. It is just unbelievable that with everything to work with in our world, we get to look at the same model, doing the same thing, in the same environment, for the same season - A YEAR LATER.

As you take that all in, look at this photo from the also just released winter issue of Influential Magazine. I'm not influenced, maybe the creators were though because while they aren't featuring Melanie - her pose and lingerie are still becoming legend.

Let me just say that I am not sure why everyone keeps doing this. The lingerie is old. It may be sexy, but keep the sex in the bedroom - quit doing this to a virtual kids website. I mean, if anything promote scarves and gloves. Get original. Someone save us!

What are your thoughts? Really.


  1. I think that it's perfectly fine to use Mel as a covergirl in various magazine editions. There's nothing wrong with that! She's an icon that can't ever be overdone.

    However, the fashion and poses are getting quite old. Yes, I agree. Try dresses! Try hats and scarves! Get original! Because that is what I will try to do in mine. ;)


  2. I personally think Mel is a good girl. Its just editors want to make her look like shes a sex symbol. I agree i wanna see something different.

  3. Using underwear in Christmas issues goes way beyond me..

  4. I think using Mel as Covergirl is getting very boring, and her as the only example as a 'beautiful' girl on SD...

    The lingerie is getting a bit over-rated, especially on Christmas! A family kind of holiday, not some slut-fest.

    Stop copying, or you will loose all your readers naturally.

  5. Gosh copying another magazine is worse than seeing 100 pencils writing in the same time

  6. Influential completely copied D Magazine's pose in that graphic. I agree with Nojo :O

  7. What's super hilarious is that people are using lingerie and half dressed models on Stardoll. If you want to look at pictures of half naked sluts, go out and buy a Playboy magazine or something.

  8. Lingerie may be sexy,but it's not very attractive or appealing for a Christmas issue... Anyways who wants to look at bras and panties when there's so much more in the fashion world? D:

  9. Last year those photoshoots with Mel in underwear looked.. new. But this year? Oh come on.. I'd rather see models in awful Christmas hats, not the same underwear.