Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our New Sponsor!

Well, I guess I could call it that, but we are the ones that are actually sponsoring 'them'. So this could kind of be like a sponsorship! Anyways, why should I keep you waiting?

We now sponsor ADMIRE COUTURE!

If you are wondering, yet, Admire Couture is a clothing brand. It may not be as well-known as other clothing lines - but that is why we have decided to sponsor them. We admire and believe in couture!

To start off the sponsorship we just want to remind you that Admire Couture's first collection will be released tomorrow in owner sinbabee's guestbook! View the invitation here:

It is sure to be a lot of fun and I hope that I can make it, but I will not promise anything because I am currently moving! You should try to go if you can though, I KNOW the staff will appreciate it.

Also, if you could, please write about the release on your blogs! Maybe even review the line yourself, it will help out a lot. We will be doing the same, this is the big break for the staff! Everyone will be watching.

** With that being said, we are now sponsoring numerous projects - but space is limited! Your project (blog, magazine, clothing line etc.) must include fashion, no exceptions! If you are interested in a sponsoring partnership, leave a comment with all the necessary information and we will get back to you!

Click here to visit the Admire Couture home page!

P.S. Want to see a spoiler for Admire Couture's first ever line? Click 'read more' below!



  1. I am actually very excited about the new collection, but only MAYBE will be attending the release party :)
    The spoiler look's stunning, and this collection could actually be at the top of the Stardoll 'clothing' ladder ;)

  2. Visit it and find out all, or contact Bershkagirl601, about sponsering :) Thank you.

  3. I Am Prepared too see whats up :D!

    I Am probably Won't be able too make it too the party but Ill try my Best :)