Friday, November 12, 2010

Style Expands her Design Vareity

Retired magazine owner and legendary Stardoll elite, Style_Magazine has really been getting into the StarDesign tool that Stardoll offers as of late. Or maybe she is getting into making big bucks? Who knows, but since her first design of tights was such a success, it would be dumb not to expand!

This time Style has created a very versatile look. A sleeveless dress that anyone could learn to love. Right now it seems that the only colors offered is a pinkish red and white pattern. What I like about this design is, it's not half-assed. You can tell that she put some thought into what she was wanting and her vision seems to be spot on. It definitely screams, "Style"! The pattern is really great for fall and while the designs may be a little pricey, they're still fun! If they sell well, Style will also offer the colors on the dress she is currently wearing, which is fab!

What do you think of Style's new designs?

Will you be buying? If so, click here!

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