Thursday, December 2, 2010

Admire Couture to Launch New Line This February! Exclusive!

I am very sorry that I have not been posting as often as I could, or should - but I have been busy whether you think so or not. I have learned to sort out my time and school is the most important aspect of my life right now. I am sure a lot of you can relate to school. Anyways, being that we sponsor the lovely and new Admire Couture - Tyler's Top Trends has a little something for you today.

Now, like I have previously mentioned... Admire Couture is a new, yet processed fashion line that is still looking for a secure spot in our 'Stardoll world'. Obviously, you have to have a fan base in order to get somewhere anywhere. That's you.

With that being said, it would be amazing if you could use your blog, and power to get the word out about this brand. It is not everyday that we get to post about things like this and with everyone complaining that Stardoll is dead, projects like these ones spice it back up. We can also exclusively announce to you that Admire Couture will be showing their second collection, this February at Stardoll Fashion Week!

That means the staff has to be releasing a teaser soon, right?

We have it, see the magical photo after the jump!



  1. Is she pregnant lmfao!

  2. ...erm, hate to be bursting the bubble. But I haven't confirmed anyone yet, since I haven't started planning...

  3. As you said, a promising review deserves a good fanbase ;) So I mentioned on my blog what I thought of it.

    My review:

    And I do like Admire Couture, no question about it, but are they at a high enough level to go onto SD Fashion Week yet?

  4. No, we havent said we are confiremed for fashion week. and noticing that many dont like the graphic, we are going to produce a new one. were for the people afterall :)

    watch this space to see some of the clothing that will be release :)

  5. Always the same models, for everything..

  6. I love how they use all popular me-doll's for it ALL of their models.

    That's how you make people dislike you. Because I dislike them now just because of it.

    Has no originality what so ever..

  7. Those are actually the OLD models, and was ony used because they were known, people liked them but now we have searched as we have has much more time to get just beautiful girls. With a few lovely people in the mix :P