Monday, December 6, 2010

Are You Wearing Lipstick?

Wait, I suppose the better question would be: are you reading Lipstick?

I'm asking you that question because Tyler's Top Trends will now be sponsoring Lipstick Magazine! After their mix up between inspiration and copying, we have decided to forgive them with another chance. You should too! The reason for that is actually the drive the magazine has and shows. The graphics continue to get better and better. It's quite refreshing to say the least. Like all our sponsorships, we will update you on the process of the issues, from start to finish.

Click here to visit the Lipstick Magazine home site!



  1. Well duhh that magazine is a great!!

    I'm glad about your sponsorship :D

  2. I don't know its kind of a Big issue for me I dont believe in Magazines that Copy others ideas or Basically Concept

    So overall i would have too say No i am not wearing Lipstick Overall i do Support the choice of Sponsoring them