Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Best Dressed List

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, we proudly present you the TTT best dressed list! It's been processing with a tad bit of procrastination but thankfully and finally ended up being completed. Without further adieu let us call the imaginary curtains and get on with the show!

Gladis: WOW that detailing is spectacular! Everything is perfect, and you look red carpet ready. It all goes really well, the only problem I think (for me, anyway) is the dress is too short for the idea and other accesories. Props for the sleeve top thingy idea though! 10/10

Kimberly: There is no denying you look very glamorous, even with those oddly vivid bright blue eyes... My only concern is it's slightly bland, it's all very tan and gold coloured and I also think the bag is quite awkwardly placed BUT it is a very beautiful outfit and I love the detailing on the dress. 9/10


Gladis: WHAT 3/10

Kimberly: I usually love your looks when I visit your suite but I genuinely do not understand this outfit. I have no idea where you are trying to go with it. 3/10


Gladis: I like  this outfit! It's very classy but not too much which I think laces with Emma's personna. My favorite part would be how the stud accents mimic the style of the shoes, wrapping up the entire outfit. The downside for me is that purse, and the hair. 8/10

Kimberly: I like it. It's very simple and I love the stud accents but the hair really puts me off. I think a gold belt could have completed the outfit nicely. 6/10


Gladis: Wow! Aislin looks like a crystal princess! I really like her model-like face. The outfit is gorgeous but I would have picked more subtle shoes and jewerlly since the main focus is that dress. 8/10

Kimberly: I really love the way you've incorporated that Wild Candy dress into the beautiful outfit. I think the bag throws me off a little bit and you could have possibly chosen more subtle shoes, but I'm really loving this. 8/10



 Gladis: OMG!!! This is beautiful, enough said! 10/10

Kimberly: I love this. Honestly, I don't think I can name a negative about this outfit. It's compostion is beautiful and the use of black, white and silver works so well. It's also the first time I've ever seen someone make them LE shoes look good. 10/10


Gladis: It's okay..not a lot to look at. There isn't really any wow factor except for that clutch. 4/10
Kimberly: It's a very simple outfit. It is nice enough but it isn't eye catching or striking in any way. 4/10


Gladis: I like the hair. 2/10

Kimberly: I don't like this. The outfit does not really flow together, and though the seperate pieces are nice it doesn't work as one. A miss for the outfit, but thanks for being a fun guest at the awards itself! I also enjoy the hair. 3/10


Kimberly: Somebody's looking fierce. 10/10
Gladis: Sexy! 9/10




Kimberly: I love it! My only complaint is that the bag looks too casual for the outfit but I'm not going to take a point off because you look too damn good. 10/10



Gladis: White is a great trend for s/s 2013 and I can tell Manolo is definetly on the dot. I give him props for incorporating that female doll purse into his outfit, since not a lot of clothing caters to males. The solid colour has a huge effect and is modish. 9/10

Kimberly: I love the white trend and making the whole outfit the one block colour really makes it stand out. I'm not sure on them lips but a very nice outfit overall. 9/10


Kimberly: It's annoying me because I really want to love this but I don't. It seems too loosely fitted around the chest/stomach area and I think it would look so much better with a belt to pull the whole thing together. 7/10

Gladis: The skirt, the purse, the makeup, YES. The rest...NO. 5/10


Gladis: Well, it was supposed to be a party outfit not a casual outfit so this really doesn't hit the target. The hair and kitten are nice though! 2/10

Kimberly: It's a nice outfit but I don't see how it fits in with the theme at all. I'll give marks for the edgy outfit but the complete lack of attention dress code is your biggest downfall here. 4/10

Gladis: Very wicked witch of the west!! That bodice is the hearthrob for me. You look great, breadquanda... 10/10

Kimberly: As with Manolo's outfit, I think a lot of the time one block colour doesn't work but this is a very nice outfit. I love the detailing from the necklace, and the hair and makeup are a nice touch. 8/10


Gladis: I dont know what to say, I like the top but I don't really know about the bottom. It's like in between for me...7/10

Kimberly: Usually I love your outfits but this doesn't work to me. I think it's another case of all nice items but when put together they don't work. I don't like the clutch as I don't think it matches with the outfit at all. It would be 6 but because I love your doll 7/10.


Gladis: Personally, I like this outfit. Ashley is an amazing person who always thinks outside of the box. That headpiece is great and I like how the colours isolate those faces. True art right here! The doll is too tan for my liking though. Regardless, 10/10

Kimberly: Very couture but I'd expect nothing less from you. I really love the headpeace, it frames your doll so nicely! I have to agree, your doll does look really tanned and the brightness of the skin and purple faces on the dress somewhat conflict, I don't know which to look at. 8/10


Gladis: I don't know what is going on here gurl. I'm seeing aluminum paper on your head, for aliens I assume? The top is OK but does not flatter that skirt. The mid section is just a cluster of random items and that hair does not style well with the outfit. Also you're kinda creeping me out so I better look away...5/10

Kimberly: I don't know what it is but I think this works. I've seen a lot of people do that clustering of random items look thing in some parts of there outfits but I actually like what you've done. I'm awfully confused about where the whole hat thing came into play though. 8/10


  1. @Ashley_doggett

    You definitely stole the show my love.

  2. I loved doing this so I hope everyone enjoys reading it. >:)

  3. looooove this!! you guys should do this more often like a comp idk something like submit your outfit with X theme and make a weekly review with the best and worst.

  4. I'm sorry I didn't participate. Everyone's outfits are lovely.

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  6. I'm here for my Wungy (insider) and ugh I hate when people don't give the illusion that their clutch is beside or behind them u.u

  7. so many fabulos outfits, love the post.

  8. Ashley_Doggett and a few of the other's look like shit, just saying. None of you look like you have a personal style, you just layer on shit to give the illusion of looking good.

  9. aislin is a bitch

  10. aislin is a bitch

  11. Aislin you are a really bitch okay? lol I love you! & your outfit! :DD xd