Monday, March 25, 2013

Advertising, The Stardoll Lookbook

It's a pleasure to welcome our first ever priority partner, The Stardoll Lookbook. I'm positive that the majority of TTT followers would love this blog considering it is highly fashion and style based so I would strongly recommend checking it out and following it by clicking the link in the image above. 

More information from the blog owner:  I have been running The Stardoll Lookbook for almost 2 years now, and post almost anything and everything about style, fashion and trends both on and off of Stardoll. I regularly post features of Stardoll members to show people what great fashion is out there, what I call "Styled Outfits" to help show members different ways that one item of clothing can be styled, along with much more that our readers seem to enjoy! I hope The Stardoll Lookbook can continue in its leaps and bounds to become a successful Stardoll blog!

This blog has around 220 followers and over 400 posts. It has been running for almost two years but was revamped and revitalised during the spring of 2012. The blog holds host to many fashion challenges, makeovers and reviews. Visit it by clicking the image above.


  1. Have been following this blog for ages now & it's always interesting to read her posts. About her outfits I need nothing to say - or do I have?

    x x x


  3. its a great blog i have followed for a long time but i love i t

  4. Her style is very monotone. Nothing different. Every single outfit is the same.