Thursday, April 25, 2013

Is Springate back?

Many of us know the beautiful Springate suddenly disappeared almost 3 years ago. With his elite charms and collection of rare clothes, He left everyone shocked by his unexplained departure.

I was browsing suites today and went to visit Springate and saw this message in his guestbook;

My first thought was "Oh god, a noob trying to pose as him" But then when i clicked on the user, I got this;

It's hard to believe it would really be him with the unflattering doll, But it got me thinking - Maybe it really is him and because he's been away for so long, He's still in with the old doll look?

This account states that they forgot the password to Springate and cannot access it.

I don't know what to believe, I do have a small suspicion that this could be true.
But is this just a hacker trying to get their hands on Anthony's Account?

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts!

Khol X


  1. blah blah blah

  2. This person hasn't been on Stardoll for three years. I have absolutely no interest in their return.

    1. Same here. I've heard of the username before, but never knew what he was known

    2. "This person hasn't been on Stardoll for three years. I have absolutely no interest in their return." He was known for as a double-crossing, unloyal, fame-hungry, untalented, multifaceted whore :)

  3. POSER. So what? Springate forgot his blogger account info too?
    Stupid BS.

    People pull stupid stunts and the only reason they are happy with it is because stupid people post about it, giving them their five minutes of fame.

    Pointless post. Poser should be completely ignored, not given attention.
    That is how hackers and fake people become famous on here. Its the bloggers' fault.

  4. I hate to join this chorus, but I am not interested in anyone from 3 years ago. This person doesn't need this kind of "publicity", right?

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  6. This probably isn't the real Anthony. There were multiple accounts made about two years ago (about 3 accounts) where someone claimed to be Anthony. If you go onto his old account Springate, you'll see them commenting there. There was "Springygate" and a few others. I could have sworn he was gone longer than 2 years, seems odd.

  7. Lol @ maggie's comment I got this post late so my comment may be a bit late. After reading this post I decided to check on some stardoll members who were very active bloggers 2 - 3 years ago & who announced they were leaving stardoll & to my suprise they are all still signing regularly into their accounts & some have even changed their outfits, the latest sign in was 2 weeks ago & the earliest 2 days ago. I guess you can't really believe when some say they are leaving.

  8. I think this post is very interesting. I honestly belive that Springate is back. Go to BeWithMePearl suite now. He has a new presentation explaining everything.

  9. umm yeah, this is anthony and i found this googling myself. i would never return and most definitely did not. please report whoever that is.