Monday, April 15, 2013

S/S Trends—Hit or Miss?

The Sunday sun had declared its decent on the coastal horizon—replaced with a glowing ball of ice, setting the earth in a cooling phase. It'd be hard to believe that its the Spring months, soon to be Summer.

Though the point of this post is not to describe the seasonal changes, it somehow has a relation. I've came to talk about the S/S trends.

While I'm no fashion guru, I do so happen to have some insight on the booming industry this season. With nothing else to write about—and a longing desire to blog—I've decided to blog using a new mindset. Thus, welcome in a realm of S/S inspired thoughts.

Monochrome is without a doubt an overused pattern by designers alike this S/S season. Simply said, a monochrome trend is a play on the two ends of the spectrum: black and white. I personally think it depends on the design, but for the most part it's a catchy statement that I could easily see myself wearing.

With a bit of research, I've found some users sporting this trend. Your choice is to choose whether they hit or missed the trend.

From left to right: AislinVictory, soloconamor__

Even though aqua isn't the color of 2013, it might as well be. Its no wonder the turquoise hues were chosen as one of S/S hottest trends, as it possesses a rare summery vibe.

Which dolls hit or missed the trend?
From left to right: Jody_Cailin, RockinEllee

Yet another addition to the S/S empire, fringing is prominent in multiple different designer collections. I'll be completely honest, before eyeing the trend on the runway, I wasn't a huge fan of fringing. But as I continue to see more of it on stardoll, the more I've fallen for it. Believe it or not, but fringes are completely versatile!

Which members in dollywood ruled the runway?
From left to right: Emmahunt4, Cute.Miss.Lola

Please vote for your favorite, and comment regarding this season's hottest trends! Which of the featured trends are your favorite?


  1. omg haha never thought my outfit will pop up thank you xxx <3

    1. hehe np It was one of the very few outfits I could find with fringe on it!

  2. :D wow i also never thought one of my outfits would get featured anywhere *.* Thank You! I started to read this post and then there was this moment "wait.... is this my outfit? i" haha :D great surprise!

  3. I think primary colors are a trend

  4. We make non-concious decisions when it comes to following trends or dressing up in certain colors or manners. I do not necessarily think that the examples you gave were the best examples for each category, but they do possess a certain quality that directly relates to this season's trends!

    My favorite looks have to be the blue hues, and one of my favorite colors this summer has to be coral blue, but I generally abide by pastels and often color-blocking when it comes to putting together an outfit (but monochromatic outfits are super fab right now!)