Friday, May 31, 2013

Farewell May!

As we bid farewell to May and welcome June I though it may be time to give you some updates on everything going on at Today's Top Trends.

TTT FW is due to go ahead in early July, with the majority of the schedule taken up, with most fashion lines and magazines just waiting for confirmation. The schedule is due to appear sometime in June, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Alongside this we will have an add, which will be shown on the blog shortly before the schedule is released.

Rather than scouting random people for segments such as 'What were you thinking?' and 'best dressed', we will instead be putting up sign ups to enter. This means, when signing up, you are aware of the risk of going on WWYT, but also have the chance to be featured on best dressed, which will be a fortnightly to monthly segment. The signs up will be posted in June sometime, before any other WWYT or best dressed posts.

Thank you for a wonderful May, and I hope TTT still continues its success into the month of June!


  1. no but i am excited for ttt fw

  2. I partly agree about your decision not to use random people for fashion segments like : 'What were you thinking?' because that's their style, although that's what makes the segment more interesting because they are caught off guard. But on the other hand some people would deliberately dress awkwardly just to be featured on the blog. Maybe you could ask & notify them (random people) first in their guest books if they would mind being featured on the blog. And speaking of 'What were you thinking?' in terms of fashion, here is a real life blog I stumbled on a year ago which always has me asking that question. I find the blog funny & interesting because of their odd sense of style. Check it out :

  3. I dont care, Put me up for anything!