Saturday, May 18, 2013

FFP: Alexa Chung

Fashionable Female Pick

Who doesn't love Alexa Chung? She's the hippest, coolest, woman in the world. And she's hilarious, with a fabulous sense of style that you can't not love. Besides from being an amazing model, TV presenter, and fashionista, Alexa's also a talented writer and producer. How hip! 

Follow her on Twitter @Alexa_Chung


  1. i love her but she looks unhealthy and ill

  2. I think she looks okay, but I don't understand the fuss about her. She was one of the T.V presenters on a youth show (called T4) in UK few years ago & all of a sudden, I keep seeing her in some magazines. She wasn't even one of the popular UK presenters.