Wednesday, May 29, 2013

HBW #17 - Beach Trip

Another week, another set of hot buys, and this time around Stardoll have created four Beach inspired items, alongside a fair isle type knit sweater dress.

The first item of this week is the Hot Buys Sea Dress, priced at a mere 13 stardollars. The quality is surprisingly good and this dress is a steal compared to what older monthly Hot Buys were selling for. It is a very simple item, but it could be used as a simple yet staple piece in your wardrobe.

Next up we have the Hot Buys Leopard Tank Top, which you can find in the starplaza for 12 stardollars. It is slightly  expensive for what it is but the colours, reasonable quality and the wearability lured me into buying this. I can imagine using this on numerous occasions to spice up what would be simple outfits.

The Hot Buys Neon Beach Shoulder Bag (9 stardollars) is the sole accessory of this week. I like the principles and design of this bag but the quality let me down slightly. There is no real shading on it, but the interesting print and colour once again, similar to the leopard top, made me purchase this.

The Hot Buys Beach Shorts, priced at 11 stardollars, are an interesting addition to this week's selection of Hot Buys and are certainly not something I can say that I have seen on Stardoll before. Saying this I actually quite like them as they are well made, although the logos imprinted on them could make them quite hard to work into an outfit.

Finally we have the Hot Buys Tribe Dress, which is easily the most random addition to these Hot Buys. It doesn't really match the beach theme too much because of it's print and in the graphic it is just shoved into the background (it is a nice graphic however). It is priced at 15 stardollars so it is the most expensive Hot Buy of this week, even though the quality is probably the worst out of all the items, due to it's lack of shading and blurry print.

What did you think of this week's Hot Buys? Comment below.


  1. average to good
    traibel dress sucks

  2. The bag and top are the only things that are actually even wearable, MAYBE the shorts.

    1. how is that blue dress not wearable?...

    2. In my opinion, it looks really childish especially with the criss-cross halter neck part. Without it, it would look like that Amy Claire dress that everyone tends to lust over.

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