Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Voile Graduation - Picks

Today a new Voile collection was released, this time with the theme of graduation. Although this new floor isn't the best there is still some wonderful must have pieces and today I am going to be sharing with you my picks from the collection.

1. Graduation Dress (120sc)
2. Diploma Veil (76sc)
3. Turquoise Graduation Shoes (4sd)
4. Gold Star Sandals (6sd)

My first pick is the graduation dress, which is a simple white dress with a gold belt that can be used in a lot of different outfits. It's very wearable and versatile and easy to cover up the gold belt if you don't want it. Second we have the diploma veil, which I really love. It's very simple but it goes beautifully over some dresses! Lastly we have the two shoes which are my favourite things from this Voile collection. They are simple, once again, but I have been looking for colourful staple shoes for my wardrobe for quite a while and these are perfect to fill that duty. Both pairs are very versatile and summery and I can't wait to wear and incorporate them into an outfit soon.

What do you think about this Voile collection?


  1. i liked the hand on hip coat too

  2. shoes were nice but kinda expensive for some things but it was mediocre

  3. The slim cut magenta pants are a favorite of mine. They go along with the shoes very well, yet ditto to the cap and gown. If anyone can pull that off, I salute you! haha. Most of the pieces were actually wearable for once for both an evening and casual look.