Thursday, May 16, 2013

Versus Debut, JW Anderson

My Favourite Look from
Anderson-Versus Collaboration.
Jonathan Anderson, the Irish born fashion designer, made his Versus debut yesterday, with a star studded front row featuring Lady Gaga and Heidi Klum. Anderson is known for his strange eye for futuristic clothing, yet wearable for day-to-day use. The Versus-Anderson collection has been highly anticipated in the fashion world for many months now, and excitement grew ever since the brand officially confirmed the collaboration. But has the wait been worth it?

The collection featured a very minimal approach with most of the collection featuring black & white with little sparks of bold colours of pink to blue and a few geometric prints. 

Collection Pros; Throughout the collection, a black ‘VERSUS’ sticker which featured in almost every look, I thought was quite unique and could possibly be sold individually for customers to customise their chosen Versus merchandise. One of the most important thing about this collection was the constant flow of the techniques of Anderson, the brand & Donatella herself– by examining each look, we can clearly see that the two collaborated successfully. Another wonderful thing about the collaboration is the shapes of the dresses. I’m in love with the simple shapes of the collection; The shapes were very summery with pretty cut-outs around the stomach area which gives a youthful spirit to the collection. & Finally, the bold block colours are what, I thought made the collection. 

My Least Favourite Look from
Anderson-Versus Collaboration.
Collection Cons; Normally I’m a huge fan of Versace [Versus] leather, but honestly, I'm not feeling the leather from this collection. Personally, I find the leather used quite cheap; the items did not look expensive, they looked extremely cheap, and tacky, which I was pretty upset about. Another con about this collection was the men’s wear, honestly? As a ready-to-wear collection, it should be wearable for anyone in the outside world, and I don't feel as though they could be worn without getting looks from everyone, in a horrible way. Over the past few seasons, I found the use of lace quite boring – we've seen it, now bring us something new. Jason Wu uses a lot of lace which, I find comes across cheaply, although, the lace used didn’t have the same effect. It came across expensive. I found it really elegant, but I felt as though it didn't quite fit in along with the rest of the collection. And you know lace & leather equals to street hooker. 

In the coming seasons, let’s hope JW Anderson & Versus collaborate again, and bring us something a lot more original & hopefully wearable to the public. In total, I give this collection 7/10.


  1. it was an average collection, i expected more

  2. i was impressed but the mens wear was just dreadful

  3. I wasn't that impressed if I'm honest!