Monday, April 25, 2016

Hidden gems

I've been having a really good browse in the Plaza catalogue lately and I've been finding some real hidden gems, especially from the Voile section - when you search you find a whole lot more pieces than you can see just by visiting the store and there are some amazing bargains to be had, as well as some awesome pieces. Today I wanted to style one item I bought over the weekend - the Floral Applique Sheer Skirt. This came out way back in the spring of 2012 and I really hadn't noticed it before, and if I did back then I've forgotten (it's been 4 years, I think it can be forgiven =P)

I really like sheer clothing, I don't want it to be too revealing though, so this skirt is great for that as the sheer aspects are balanced by other panels covering what you'd need covered. And it's decorated with jewels and glitter, which is pretty great^

What else can you still get from the collection? *You can click on the image to get these 5 of my favourites directly to your Plaza dressing room*

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