Saturday, April 23, 2016

A strong spirit transcends rules.
Rest in Peace, Prince 1958-2016

Shortly, there's been two weeks since I've last written and now it's time to completely recap what's worth being mentioned. 

Graphic and wigs designing giant, Olivia Tee-Tyler known as MUNCHKIN_XD has recently shaken the Dollywood with her latest hair design seen during her appearance at the recent launch party. The famous designer has recreated her hairstyle into a wig which is now seen everywhere around the town. 
First restock sold out in no time which proves the success young Olivia gains with her talent. The wig comes in three parts, with the total cost of affordable two hundred and eighteen stardollars. The sleek, wet style design is a popular trend usually seen on the runway and street style, expressing the beauty of unusual looks. 

As the former creative designers of Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli recently took down from their respective roles, Raf Simons', the long-rumored heir of the title, is finally confirmed. ''A new direction will ultimately follow one creative vision across all categories of business.'' stated the company. Simons' minimalistic vision seen in presented collections of Dior which he just recently forsaken is a safe bet for Calvin Klein. The company recently dropped the famous underwear campaigns featuring today's highest grossing celebrities such as the young model, Kendall Jenner and pop singer Justin Bieber. Calvin Klein underwear campaigns have left the strong impact on the company through out the years and have been the sure base of the brand's great success. What Simons offers to the brand is yet to be discovered, but there is no doubt that he is going to turn it into gold.

After months of hiatus, affordable famous decor store is back! Featuring two floors of dusty pink, com blue, taupe and light grey combined garniture, Basics Decor offers a wide range of affordable home decorating pieces. Pricing range varies from forty to two hundred and fifty starcoins. It is considered many users' favourite exactly due to the low pricing and starcoin worth. The brand offers a high-quality produced pairs of carpets, armchairs, pillows and more in effortless style for a bargain price. 


April 21st was the day the world mourned an icon. Prince Rogers Nelson also known as Prince, one of the greatest icons has passed away. Not only a musician, Prince was an inspiration to many. A man who defined the word man on a very different standard. The person who erased the gender. He was one of a kind, the person who can leave a strong mark on fashion only with his unique, mystique style. ''Perhaps the most iconic look in his repertoire, the slightly peaked shoulder jacket, ruffle blouse and stacked boots from Purple Rain, though much like his prolific musical talents, his flair for fashion was seemingly boundless.'' writes Steff Yotka for Vogue. Perhaps it is the look the world will remember him as. Perhaps it is individual. But what comes to everyone's mind with the mention of his name is the secretive angel, a kind of an icon that comes once in a generation. And now he's gone. But the world remembers. 

Collection filled with pastel colored, ripped denim, black and modern rock motives garments released Friday, 15th of April. Featuring over five high end brands with mixed street style and gala gown theme, the store sold successfully during the limited two days of its availability. Prince range was set from five to forty five stardollars with exclusive Royalty and Superstar membership garments. Featured on the image, faux fur shortly became the most wanted of the garments from the release. Featured along, the Fendi handbag is a must have essential to bring a splash of color to your outfits. Despite the high quality, the store lacked a whole lot of content and valuable rich garments to bring the creativity and irregular charm to the store. Made out of actually unwearable garments from runway put together without a base theme, the collection wasn't as successful as it was expected to be, but the thing is that we've spent a mini-fortune. And we loved it!

Recently, Stardoll AB company has celebrated the long ten years of their existence. Former Paperdoll Heaven, a dress-up game launched early in 2006 known as today's Stardoll, has celebrated the anniversary with a meeting with the players in London, United Kingdom. Featured on the picture, players emmahunt4 on the far left, thestylecutie and AnitooWee have had the pleasure to ask, suggest and present everything we offer to the game. Emmahunt4, founder of Risqué, has given us an insight of the meeting by explaining how it was and by mentioning some of the talented dolls, issues about the site but also the projects such as The Stardoll Awards, Dollywood Hall Of Fame  and many more. The visitors also had a chance to hear about the brand new updates coming soon.

Tress Up closed the recent week with kind of an infamous release. The collection whose price range varies between thirteen to thirty stardollars delivered the actual top trends in the fashion and social media. As seen on nenaolivo at the featured picture, the braids trend seen everywhere on the social media has come to Stardoll as well. Along the braided hairstyle, the collection includes variety of messy hair, short and long wavy or blowing straight hairs to an afro. Current top trending styles are Messy Fashionista and Surfers hair which can be seen on many different dolls in different ranges of style. It is focused on the messy hairstyle trend, the one we tend to see on social media such as Instagram, but there is something lacking to this collection. It is surely not the quality of graphic - which seems to be great on individual pieces, but more of a style and size of actual hair. There must be something wrong when your hair is blowing in a middle of a closed room.

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