Monday, April 18, 2016

Golden tones

It took me a while to decide what to post about this week, but I figured most would be writing about their latest SubCouture purchases and so I decided to go for something totally different and give another insight into one of my newer suite rooms^ *Please note, where possible I have linked the items I've mentioned so you can get them straight to your plaza to get a look at!*

So I really loved this interior - it's from the latest Furry Friends store and costs 32SD's, maybe a little pricey for an interior, but I think it's a pretty stylish one at that! I've gone for a pretty minimal furnishing of my room. I started out by knowing I wanted to use these two cushions - the Impressionist Pillow and the Silver Sparkle Cushion. So for me from that, I was really feeling a gold theme throughout which helped me choose smaller details like the Golden Frames. These are great additions which cost just 50SC and have been available on the site for over 5 years, sometimes looking back right through the decor catalogue or your storage can pay off! I included the little side furnishings to help fill the space and made use of the Twisted Leg Armchair, which I relocated when I was doing up another room. I think it definitely helps to fill the space in an un-overbearing way - sometimes you can get carried away adding a lot and it overcrowds, but I like a good space to be able to show off what you're wearing too! I've also gotten into plants a LOT and so had to include multiple of them here^ The Bright Modern Bouquet was perfect for the job with it's yellow tinted flowers, as was the Living Room Cactus with it's golden casing and interesting design.

So what do you guys think of this one? I know the back wall seems a little empty - maybe you have an idea you could share in the comments! I love hearing what you think and getting feedback xx

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  1. Always love your suite design!