Monday, April 11, 2016

It didn't cost us a penny

This week has been all about the 10 Year Anniversary for Stardoll (isn't that crazy?!), and over the weekend one of the freebies was this Shoulder Jumpsuit, which is a pretty clasic black piece and we didn't even have to spend a thing to get it, what a bonus^ So in celebration of free clothes, I thought I would throw together some styling ideas for it in my post this week!

I really kept with black and darker colours for this one, but I did find that a lot of stuff I already had in my wardrobe worked pretty well. In keeping it as a jumpsuit, there are plenty of outerwear options, and I liked that I could go with both oversized and fitted pieces like the leather jackets which shows versatility in the piece. In branching out from the jumpsuit, trousers work pretty well with the piece and you can still show off that top-half detailing. I especially liked high-waisted and wide-legged pieces and found different styles of them worked well, glittered, sporty and trendy all worked very nicely and I even got some green tones in there too^

I initially focussed a lot on the clothing, so added this second section of accessories and such which I loved the look of with the jumpsuit, I really was all about the shoes in this one and definitely didn't struggle to find things which worked out!

Let me know what you think in the comments^ xx

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