Monday, June 13, 2016

Garden style

This week I think I'm gonna try and squeeze in a few hours to focus on my suite - a few rooms have had a little neglect the past few months and I want to remedy that! What I wanted to share today are two aspects of a room that I'm super happy with how it's turned out. This is in one of the floors of the Millionaire Mansion suite addition - I bought this way back when it was released and I was really quite stumped as to what to do with those rooms until the past few months!

Both parts have a standard concrete style floor - I tried the wooden DIY ones but they were being glitched every time, so I didn't have too much choice, but I like this one. And I did what I regard as a 'classic me' and stuck with a white base! I've also included some tiling, something I've continued in a few rooms throughout my suite. The windows and doors were great to open up the room a little deeper and make use of the original mansion backdrop so that was a must for me!

Both aspects have shelving with a selection of decor pieces on them, and this is a style I really love with the placing of a range of frames or ornaments. I love testing out various pictures and styles for different rooms as you can often come across some different or unique pairings which look awesome! Other than what's on the shelves, I do have two other focal pictures in each of the above images - both are very bright and really catch your attention.
Furniture wise I try and stay pretty minimal and made use of what I had in storage for both of these scenes. I love the furry chair, and the golden arms and legs tie it together nicely with the gold in the pictures on the shelf as well as the small animal ornaments I've picked out for the corner of the room.

Both these scenes do seem a little empty and I may have a re-arrange or add some more things to help make them look a little more complete, but for the moment I'm happy with my stylings of these!

Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any room decor suggestions for me =D

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