Sunday, June 12, 2016


In the early hours of the morning, on June 10th, my quivering finger hovered above the mouse as I took a final deep breath before releasing my second collection of my every growing VIS clothing line. It takes a tremendous amount of work to make a full png collection, and VISDIOR was no exception considering the staggering eighty-two item count. Hours were slaved over an old graphics tablet, illuminated by the harsh light of my iMac screen - eyes strained adding the final detail to each and every piece; it was my masterpiece. The emotion was real when I was finally ready to share the final product with my stupendously supportive peers, and the response was roaring.

You've probably seen your friends on Facebook posting their outfits with the hashtag #VISDIOR, but if not, here are just a few of the best...

Yes, this is she! I had such a blast coming up with what seemed like an infinite amount of outfits using all of the pieces from VISDIOR. But, in the end, I settled on this simplistic, classic look. 

"Vintage silhouette made with modern Dior pieces" was the ever fitting caption given to this striking work of art made by the abstract diety himself.  

Less really is more in this stunning, simple look. The "Stripe Tunic" was one of my favourite pieces to see styled. 

Just hours after being announced as one of the campaign models, Isabella floored us all with this gorgeous look - editing and cropping pieces to make something extra unique. 

One of the first, and undoubtedly one of the best. Janette owns every inch of this classic Dior look, with just a flare of modernism. 

It's double trouble from these matching beauties. Both dolls look flawless from head to toe in sharp, contrasting outfits. 

Melek stands 20 feet tall in the never-ending "Black Lucite Boots". This bold look was executed so well, with a splash of vivid colour in the choker to bring the whole outfit to life. 

 Trust and believe in the styling powers of mother Nimka! Decking out the "Double Belted Skirt" with bows, flower appliques, and necklaces. She wears it like no other in this intricately detailed ensemble. 

It has been an absolute pleasure to see all of the amazing looks that my amazing friends and supporters have been plastering allover Facebook for the past few days. A light will go out inside me when the hype dies down and we move onto the next thing - but that is the nature of our always hungry community. I cannot thank you all enough for your love and support before, during, and after the creation of this collection. Everything I create holds personal, sentimental value to me, and to see my work so highly praised is an absolute blessing.

If you have yet to view the collection, you can do so by viewing the catalogue.

Jailer x

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