Monday, June 6, 2016


Gonna try keep up this weekly posting again - I hope some of the other writers post a little of their own stuff too, people must be seriously fed up of me and my style! Anyway, this piece has been in my wardrobe since I bought it last September in MSW and I didn't even really style it then, so that's what I'm bringing you today =D

This is the Tailored Jumpsuit and it's a pretty minimal piece with a standard one-colour style and a slightly wider leg and a corset-esque top half. It's a good basic piece really, although it'll be one to look for in the Bazaar if you're interested in purchasing it at the moment - although you never know, it could appear in Callie's Picks sometime!
I browsed through my whole Tops section of my wardrobe and just choose out a whole host of pieces which I thought worked quite nicely with the jumpsuit and everything was really themed on white or blues and greys and so I split my looks up that way, and love the range of styles this provides. I love those blue long sweaters with the tone of the jumpsuit, the colours are very complimentary, but at the same time a classic white is always nice! I like the casual option provided by tees and modern lasercut pieces, but a collared shirt or something silky looks great too. The jumpsuit really has a lot of options for itself, making it a pretty good piece - even though I haven't discovered that until now =D

Let me know what you think of the jumpsuit, my choices, and this post in the comments below!

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