Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fashion Face Off - Popping Candy

What: Using one pop of colour throughout the entire outfit.

Who: ashlee_bu
Wear: Limited Edition Tonal Graphic Shift, Fallen Angel Tadpole Galaxy Necklace, Evil Panda Leather Gloves, Rio Hot Buys Purse, Sonia Rykiel Black Platforms and PPQ T-Strap Platforms.

Who: aby400
Wear: Archive Bright Coat, Jean Paul Gaultier Yellow Print Purse, Riviera Solar Eclipse Sunnies and Jean Paul Gaultier Banana Glitch Wedges, paired with a neon yellow lip.

Who wore it best?
Comment below.

On a final note do not click on the link if ashley_doggett sends it to you. It definitely does not look safe and I do not recommend going on it.


  1. ashlee_bu

    (((does sht still play sd?)

  2. aby400 is a definite winner! Her look was very retro but with an edge! 5/5

  3. I liked ashlee_bu. The reason I liked her outfit better was because the colors didn't "hurt my eyes." They flowed very nicely together with her skin tone, and the lipstick was not overbearing.